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Looking for a map of the actual sites at Lane Cove River Tourist Park in Sydney?

Here it is below! Use this map of the caravan park and campground to work out where you will be once you arrive. If you want a specific site make sure you stress the point when you book that you want a specific site or area. And I mean,  STRESS the point! If you don't you will very likely be moved to somewhere else.

The reception staff are usually very helpful but when the tourist park or camping area is busy bookings get moved around to accommodate as many people as possible. So really impress your choice on the staff you want to stay in your choosen spot. And get them to 'lock' the booking and to make notes in the booking. This is important to reduce the possibility of you being moved.

Just click on the image below for a much larger view of the map of the sites at Lane Cove River Tourist Park and Campground Sydney. It is a large image so you will need to scoll up and down and across to view it all. See the bottom right hand corner of the enlarged image to close the image.

Another option (probably a better one because the view of the map is so large) is to right click on the map and open the link in a new window.


Detailed map of Lane Cove River Tourist Park

Important information if you wish to pick a site based on the map above.

When you look at the map, North is to the left and South to the right. The whole area has a significant slope from West to East (top to bottom on the map) but individual sites are level. Also, the individual roads within the tourist park running North to South are level with sites facing these roads level with the road.  The roads running from top to bottom are a different story altogether!

Mainly caravan sites on the right hand side of the park with a couple of family cabins (up to 5 people) and a few en-suite cabins (maximum 2 people). Only a few camper van sites close the right hand end and a couple of tent sites and camper trailer sites. Tip: There is a walkway to exit the park on the far right of the map. The train station is only about 8 minutes walk from this exit. From reception it takes about 14 minutes to get to the station and from the far left of the park it takes about 18 minutes.

When booking a site there are a few different stipulations you can make, or ask for, regarding your site. Tip: Not all sites are the same size but you are paying the same price. Some of the camper trailer sites are four times bigger than some camper van sites.

Caravan sites are spread out throughout the park.

Camper van sites are spread out as well. Some in great positions but..... Tip: The East to West roads mainly have camper van sites.

I will come back to update this page but  the main objective was to put the map of the tourist park out there for people to find. I will add more information about how to pick a good site soon.

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 Lane Cove River Tourist Park map of sites
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